If you are a licensed mental health professional with interest in EMDR basic training, allow me to whet your appetite. If you’ve read any of this website so far, you probably know that I’m a big fan of EMDR and that my practice is comprised of EMDR clients and trained therapists who meet with me for EMDR consultation.

One of the benefits of becoming an EMDR therapist is the sense of community that has developed here on Long Island. I’d like to share with you and those already trained in EMDR, some of the events you are welcome to participate in once trained:

Free Monthly EMDR Study Group

In my effort to give back to the EMDR community, I offer my services as a consultant for a 2 hour monthly group. All trained EMDR therapists at every level of experience are invited to participate. We review cases and discuss places where those attending may have questions or feel stuck in the process.

Long Island Regional Meetings

As a L.I. Regional Coordinator, local meetings are planned twice yearly offering networking opportunities, continental breakfast, and an EMDR presentation with a special focus. Only trained EMDR therapists may attend regional meetings and there is a nominal fee. If you are already trained in EMDR, and wish to be added to my regional email list to receive notifications about these events, please email your information to me.

EMDR Individual & Group Consultation

As an Emdria Approved Consultant, I meet with clinicians individually or in small groups (maximum of 4) for EMDR consultation. Some of the issues that arise are: feeling confident enough to use your EMDR training; knowing how to explain EMDR to clients; determining whether a client is a good candidate for EMDR; making the best decisions to assure the client’s process moves along; and eventually deciding whether you want to advance your EMDR status.

Clarification About Your EMDR Training
and What You Can Look Forward To:

After weekends one and two of basic EMDR training and your 10 required hours of consultation are completed, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from the EMDR Institute. Although you may use your new skill even after weekend one, this does not mean that you are an “Emdria Certified EMDR Therapist”. To earn this status, you will need to have a MINIMUM of 20 additional hours of consultation with an “Emdria Approved Consultant” and have done 50 sessions of EMDR treatment with at least 25 clients. This is a worthwhile undertaking if you wish to become an expert at EMDR. From this point you may elect to go even further to become an Approved Consultant yourself, requiring an additional MINIMUM of 20 hours of consultation and 300 EMDR sessions with at least 75 clients. Please refer to www.emdria.org for further details.

After completing the requirements to become an EMDR consultant, I decided to go on to become an “EMDR Facilitator”. After fairly rigorous training, one can be part of an EMDR training team and work at the basic trainings when you have weekend availability. It’s a great learning experience, and another rewarding way of giving back. As well, only EMDR Facilitators may provide the required 10 consultation sessions to new EMDR trainees.

Please call or email me if you’d like to have a conversation or schedule a brief meeting at my office to learn more about whether EMDR treatment is something you’d like to integrate into your practice. You may also like to visit the EMDR Institute at: www.emdr.com or the membership organization: www.emdria.org. In addition, I suggest that you pick up a copy of “Getting Past Your Past” written by the developer of EMDR, Dr. Francine Shapiro.

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